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Scholarship Composition Submission Process

Only music composed by individual students will be accepted. Collaborative efforts or arrangements of existing works will not be considered. The student may compose a piece with a maximum performance time of 7 minutes (based on metronome markings and the recording) in any style of music for any instrumental or vocal solo or group. However, the student may not write an arrangement of an existing piece. If the piece includes an improvisation section, the inclusion of that improvisation on the recording does not negate the maximum time requirement.


To complete their entries for the Composition category of the Festival Scholarship, students must:

  • Submit their completed entries, as a PDF attachment to an email from their teacher’s email account, no later than midnight on the appropriate deadline, to:

Assistance in creating a PDF of the score is available from Hilary Goldblatt, the Composition Adjudicator Coordinator and Festival Director Steffen Parker

  • It is not necessary to submit parts. Illegible scores will not be considered. Each score must include the name of the composer, grade in school, school address and school phone. Composer information may be included in the email that carried the PDF attachment of the score.

  • Entries received from email accounts other than the teacher listed as the scholarship teacher for the student’s school will be disqualified.

  • Also attach a MP3 recording of their composition. This recording should be of the instrumentation or voice that the composition is written for, not a piano reduction or other arrangement. Live performances are encouraged, but MIDI performances are acceptable. If the piece is written for a large ensemble and one is not available for this performance recording, a smaller ensemble (not all parts being played) may be used to perform the piece for the recording.

  • Also attach a PDF of a Statement of Intent outlining the composer’s compositional idea, thought process and inspiration for this submission. FAILURE TO SUPPLY THE STATEMENT OF INTENT WILL DISQUALIFY THE SUBMISSION FROM FURTHER

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